Envoy’s Picks: Top 10 Travel Apps



Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure, these days your phone can be a valuable travel partner. Sure you’ll want to use applications like Instagram to document your trip or Google Maps to help find your way, but there are some other apps out there to make your trip a little more hassle-free.

Here at Envoy we have scoured the internet for the best travel apps out there; some to help you pack, some to help you translate street signs and even some to help create expense reports for all you business jetsetters out there. Here’s our picks for Top 10 Travel Apps to make your next adventure a joyful and painless one.


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Citymapper is ideal for exploring large cities with numerous modes of transportation. The app features up-to-the-minute public transportation schedules, Uber integration and real-time disruption alerts. It lists the costs of your train fare, Uber ride and even counts calories if you’re going bi-ped.

Citymapper navigates dozens of major metropolitan cities across the world from Chicago to New York City to London to Hong Kong. Vote to include your city on this awesome app!

Free; Android and iOS; Apple Watch and Android Wear compatible

Google Translate

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Google Translate has longtime been a fantastic desktop app, but the mobile app is immeasurably useful for travelers on the go. And you don’t have to be in a foreign country to find it’s value, you can be lost in translation scoping out your favorite Thai restaurants, too.

The app is simple to use with hundreds of languages at your disposal. The best feature on the Google Translate app is its camera function that allows you to snap a photo of words you need translated. How cool is that?

Free; Android and iOS



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Tripit is like a travel agent in your pocket. Plan your itinerary from start to finish with flight details, hotel booking, maps and directions, seat tracking; basically everything. You can forward your emails to the app and it will create your master itinerary for you. Perfect for frequent flyers and weekend excursionists alike.

Free or buy Tripit Pro for $49/year; Android and iOS; Apple Watch compatible


Hotel Tonight

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Looking for the best deal on a hotel tonight? Try out this genius and beautiful app. This app is what you wish every hotel website was like. It includes the best deals, reputable recommendations and fast-as-lightning booking with just a few taps and a swipe.

Free; Android and iOS; Apple Watch and Android Wear compatible



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We’ve all been there before; forgotten passport, missing ski mask, the left-behind power tie. With Packpoint, you’ll be on your packing A-game. Just input the details of your trip and what activities you plan on doing, and the app will formulate a list of all your essentials. Never forget a pair of socks again!

Free; Android and iOS


Gate Guru

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You’re sitting around the terminal on yet another layover. Suddenly a hankering for french fries and ice cream hits you like a ton of potatoes. Gate Guru is your app to find the best deals on shops, restaurants and services in the airport. With access to hundreds of airports, you’re surely to find satisfaction. If only it could stop rain delays.

Free; Android and iOS


OANDA Currency Converter

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OANDA Currency Converter is a hunky app that is super simple to use for all your currency conversion needs. The app covers 140 currencies and four metals. This app’s pretty much a no-brainer for your next international trip.

Free; Android and iOS


Wi-Fi Finder

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Sometimes there’s that Spotify playlist you really want to download, or you don’t want to use all your data watching March Madness on your phone. What do you do when you’re not in the comfort of your own home? Look for free WiFi, of course!

With Wi-Fi Finder you can do just that. Scan your surrounding area or input a location to scope out what they have to offer. This app is for Android devices only, but Apple has one of their own that is very similar (check link below).

Free; Android and iOS



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Expensify is just what the name sounds like; an all-in-one expense report app. Snap pictures of your receipts, collect receipts from others and import your credit card to make your payments and record keeping seamless. Perfect for business travelers who want to track everything and keep their boss happy.

Free; Android and iOS



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For those of you who love to explore cities by foot and get a little exercise while you’re at it, RunGo will be your best friend. This app is great for running in cities where you’re not sure of the best route to take. You can even check out or make your own routes to share with other RunGo users.

Free; Android and iOS; Apple Watch compatible