Envoy Lands at Purdue Aviation Day

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On Saturday, April 15, students at Purdue got to see an Envoy-operated Embraer 175 up close and talk with members of the Air Operations Recruitment team as part of Purdue Aviation Day. All throughout the day, attendees – students, families, children and aviation enthusiasts – lined up to get a closer looks at more than… Read more »

A Big Win for Little Watertown

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No matter how big or small a station is – whether they turn 50 flights a day or just 2 – running a safe and efficient operation will always be most important, not only for our employees but for our customers too. The Envoy team at Watertown International Airport (ART) proved exactly that when they… Read more »

Envoy recruiter on military leave returns as a Cadet

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Every year, the Envoy Cadet Program receives hundreds of applications from pilots of all different backgrounds. Many come from a family full of pilots or flight attendants, some are aviation enthusiasts, but only a handful come from different departments within at Envoy. The latter applies to Cadet Instructor Pat Dennison, who got his start at… Read more »

VIDEO: An Envoy Cadet’s Legacy Drives on at Scholarship Fundraising Golf Scramble

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On Friday, October 21, Envoy employees joined fellow aviators at the Bear Creek Golf Club in Dallas, Texas, to support and participate in the Inaugural Francesca Norris Memorial Golf Scramble. The Envoy-sponsored event was put together by friends and family members of the late Francesca Norris to raise funds for the Francesca Norris Memorial Scholarship – a… Read more »