Flight Attendant Interview Tips

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  1. What to bring
  2. Traveling to Envoy Headquarters
  3. The Interview
  4. Tips on what to wear
  5. After the interview


What to Bring

You must bring the following to your interview with Envoy. Please bring an original document and photocopy of each.

  • Official high school or college diploma/transcripts or a GED equivalency
  • Two original forms of government issued identification; one form must contain a picture on the
  • Flight Attendant applicants will be required to have a valid passport if selected for the If you already have a valid passport, please bring this along with 3 photocopies.

There will not be time to make photocopies at the interview so please come prepared. Failing to bring these documents may delay your progression.

Note: Identification is used for the purpose of establishing identity for positions that require a fingerprint based criminal history records check. Acceptable identification could be a driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, passport, resident alien card, FAA license, or school identification to name a few.


Traveling to Envoy Headquarters

Interviews are currently held at Envoy Headquarters. We’re located at 4301 Regent Blvd., Irving, Texas, 75063. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your interview and allow time for unexpected traffic.

Applicants in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area:

  • You will be responsible to getting to and from our Headquarters. Please allow time for unexpected traffic.

Applicants outside the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area needing air travel:

  • You will need to fly in the day before this We will provide you with round trip travel (space available) departing and returning to the same location. Your flight confirmation and details will come about 1 week prior to your interview date.
  • Plan to be at the airport at least 2 to 3 hours prior to departure. Also, remember to bring appropriate ID and follow the other travel guidelines found online at aa.com.


The Interview

The day starts promptly at 9am and any late arrivals will not be accepted. Once check-in is done, we will present a briefing about our company where you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

The interview will be a HR evaluation and due to the number or participants and available staff your evaluation may take several hours. The HR evaluation consists of verifying paperwork and getting to know you (examples).


Tips on What to Wear

For women:

  • Do not wear contrasting colors. The colors of choice are dark colors such as black, gray or navy
  • Wear a suit, with skirt or pants. If you wear a skirt or dress it should not be too tight or too short
  • Your hair should be pulled back or up
  • Do not wear more than one pair of earrings and remove nose rings, eyebrow rings, and be sure to cover all visible tattoos
  • You should have clean and polished nails
  • Avoid open toe shoes, high boots and stiletto heels

For men:

  • Do not wear contrasting colors. The colors of choice are dark colors such as black, gray or navy.
  • Wear a suit and tie or a shirt and tie
  • Clean-shaven or neatly trimmed beard or mustache
  • Earrings may be worn as either a single earring in one lobe or one pair of small earrings
  • Remove nose rings, eyebrow rings, and be sure to cover all visible tattoos
  • Hands and nails must be clean and neat
  • Dress shoes


After the Interview

If we decide to move forward, we will notify you in a timely manner. At that point, Envoy will run a background check that takes anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Please ensure that all information for previous employment is correct and up to date to speed the process. Once the background paperwork is received and processed, we’ll reach out and schedule you for a class.


Envoy is an Equal Opportunity Employer