Columbus Sets Safety Record

CMH Hangar with planes1

Envoy’s Maintenance team in Columbus, Ohio (CMH) is absolutely committed to safety, and recently celebrated a record 1,000 days without any aircraft damage at the Maintenance base. Responsible for maintaining eight overnight aircraft in the hangar and repositioning them at the gates in time for on-time morning kick-off flights is no small task, but the team has paid particularly close attention to the movement of each aircraft, day in and day out.

“Following procedures and keeping safety as our number one priority is the key,” said Base Manager Troy Johnson, who treated employees on all shifts to a celebration of the milestone. “This is a huge accomplishment and shows the dedication of the entire CMH Maintenance team,” said Mike Scimio, Managing Director Central Region. “Their focus on preventing aircraft damage keeps our people safe, reduces costs and ensures we run a smooth operation for our customers.”

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