Longview team offers shelter from the storms

GGG diversions

The Envoy team in Longview, Tex. (GGG) did a terrific job handling several diversions last week, when storms blew through the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) hub. For a station that usually handles two regional flights each day, having three unplanned flights arrive back-to-back – including two American Airlines mainline jets – was quite a challenge. “I am so proud of my team,” said General Manager Laurie Perticone. “They worked hard and smart to handle all flights safely.”

Senior Station Agent Howard Stephens readied the ramp and parked the first aircraft, while Lead Agent Pat Andrews coordinated with dispatchers from American and Envoy. “Station Agents Shannon Hahn and J’Vaughn Joseph worked diligently to set up the ramp for the next two arrivals, while ensuring all aircraft were positioned so they could turn out safely,” she added. “With only four agents on duty, it was a phenomenal task!”

Shown above are two of the AA “guests” who stopped by that day.

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