DFW Maintenance answers the call to DCA

DCA mtx

When American Airlines asked Envoy to perform additional flying in Washington, D.C. (DCA) during August, we needed maintenance support to ensure a reliable operation. DFW Aircraft Maintenance Technicians John White, Jim Young and Ramon Espaillat – along with Supervisor Jared Harvey – immediately accepted the temporary assignment. “Envoy’s line maintenance team really stepped up and delivered for our customers,” said Mike Scimio, Managing Director Maintenance. “We flew 220 flights in and out of DCA during the period with only four delays and three cancellations due to maintenance.”

Kudos to QC Specialist Vasin Settachan and the IT Team for setting up of all the necessary laptops and equipment needed for communication support, as well as hotel and transportation arrangements. Stock Clerk Charles Bradshaw and the RDU Maintenance Team drove all the aircraft parts, tires and paperwork needed to operate a line maintenance operation in a borrowed hangar facility. “My sincere thanks to DFW Base Manager Ernie Jackson for volunteering his team and to everyone who supported the project – that’s what makes team success!”

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