American CEO Confirms Envoy ‘Important and Growing’


In an interview with local media on the two-year anniversary of its merger with US Airways, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker was asked a number of questions about their progress.  When asked about Envoy, Doug had great things to say:

On the future of regional carrier Envoy Air:

“They are extremely important to us… The issue we were having with Envoy was their prior cost structure. We didn’t have the opportunity to grow that business because we had other lower-cost growth alternatives. The Envoy team including the pilots figured out a way to become competitive and now here we are delivering new airplanes and they’re back to growing. It was always going to be an important part of American’s feed but it was unclear if it was going to be important and shrinking or important and growing. And thanks to the new contracts in place, it’s important and growing.”

Read the full article on the Fort Worth Star Telegram here. (Requires internet access)
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