Announcing the 2015 President’s Award Winners!

Envoy is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Envoy President’s Award. Nominated by their peers and selected from among nearly 200 nominations, these individuals strive each day to truly go “above and beyond.” They routinely exceed company goals, surpass expectations and consistently put in the extra effort to ensure we run the safest and most reliable airline, with the best possible customer service:

Travis Bera, Aircraft Mechanic, (MQT) Trent Leonard, Lead Station Agent (DAY)
Charita Boyd, Flight Attendant (DFW) Mario Martinez, Station Agent (LRD)
Elizabeth Bustamante, Flight Attendant (DFW) Rebecca Geel McKenzie, Flight Attendant (ORD)
Scott Caldwell, Continuous Improvement (MQT) James McKnight, Passenger Service Agent  (MIA)
Tony Casas, Captain (DFW) Rason Menon, Flight Attendant (ORD)
Martha Chentis, Lead Agent (ORD) Mary Norman, Flight Attendant (DFW)
Renae Clemens, Employee Relations (EHQ) David O’Brien, Aircraft Mechanic (ABI)
Jeremy Cochrane, Station Agent (MKE) Neha Patel, Passenger Service Agent (ORD)
Gary Czerew, Flight Attendant (ORD) Preston Petrosie, Inflight Training (EHQ)
Alvason Davies, First Officer (ORD) Amanda Piatak, Compliance Coordinator (CLE)
Daniel De La Fuente Mora, Flight Attendant (DFW) Alan Radford, Captain (ORD)
Thomas Fuhrman, Lead Agent (TYR) Mike Rezich, Captain (DFW)
Ben Galinak, Aircraft Mechanic (ABI) Vasin Settachan, Quality Control Specialist (EHQ)
Laurie Gleason, Station Agent (ROC) Kristi Shoates, MOD Crew Scheduling (EHQ)
Irvin Guevara, Crew Chief (IAH) Samuel Strausser, Captain (ORD)
Jorge Herrera, Aircraft Mechanic (DFW) John Ubert, Lead Station Agent (ICT)
Richard Hilbrich, Captain (ORD) Dan Villano, Captain (DFW)
Tracy Hutton,   Lead Agent (SBA) Brennan Walter, Station Agent (MHK)
Douglass Jette, Flight Attendant (DFW) Barry Webster, Captain (DFW)
Leah Lafabregue, Operations Agent (RDU) Colin Yates, Fleet Service Clerk (SMF)


Congratulations to all of our winners! These employees will be honored at a luncheon on Wednesday, May 4 and will each receive a $1,000 award.


Thank you,


Pedro Fábregas

President and CEO

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