Envoy’s fleet continues to grow!

Envoy is pleased to announce that American has just added five additional aircraft to our fleet, starting in May.  Work is already underway to reactivate three Embraer 140 (E140) that have been parked, in order to have them ready to begin flying the May schedule and beyond. Additionally, American will return two of the 16 Embraer 145 (E145) aircraft that are currently being operated by ExpressJet to Envoy, to ensure reliable support for the summer schedule.

“The return of these five aircraft, in addition to the new Embraer 175 (E175) aircraft we continue to receive each month, sets Envoy on a positive and exciting path forward,” said President and CEO Pedro Fábregas, in a letter to all employees. “After starting the year with 137 aircraft in our fleet, we’ll be up to 150 by June.”

“All of these incremental aircraft are a vote of confidence in Envoy’s ability to deliver a safe and reliable product for American’s customers – and a testament to our team’s accomplishments,” added Pedro. “More aircraft also mean more jobs – as we continue to hire more than 300 Pilots and 400 Flight Attendants this year, we’ll also be adding Mechanics and other ground employees. And if we continue to perform as successfully as we have been operating, I’m confident that we’ll continue to see more opportunities in the future.”


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