Envoy expands $15,000 signing bonus to Part 135 pilots


As a wholly owned subsidiary and the largest provider of regional service for American Airlines, Envoy offers aspiring pilots a direct path to a lifelong flying career at American. Our fleet is growing and we’re actively hiring new pilots each month.

To ensure we attract and retain the best pilots, we’re extending our enhanced signing bonus for experienced pilots to include Part 135 operators.

In addition to the $5,000 signing bonus all new hire pilots receive, Envoy will now offer up to $10,000 for new hire pilots who have Part 135 or Part 121 experience. In return for a two-year commitment to Envoy, these pilots will receive $10 for every hour of Part 135/Part 121 experience they bring to the company. For example:

A new hire with 1,000 hours of Part 135/Part 121 experience will receive:

$ 5,000 signing bonus
+ $10,000 ($10 per hour x 1,000 hours)
$15,000 Total Bonus


A new hire pilot with 800 hours of Part 135/Part 121 experience will receive:

$5,000 signing bonus
+ $8,000 ($10 per hour x 800 hours)
$13,000 Total Bonus


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