For the love of aviation

In their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, the Wright brothers made aviation history and forever changed our world. Their ingenuity allowed for aviation to begin and advance; and has since impacted many facets of life including travel, commerce, war and communication. The Wright brothers legacy is still very much celebrated and preserved in Dayton by the Wright “B” Flyer Inc. organization.



Wright “B” Flyer Inc. is an all-volunteer, membership-based, not-for-profit corporation located in the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport. The organization supports and promotes the history of aviation by providing the public with a very unique experience: the thrill of pioneer flight in a model of the first production airplane; a modernized version of the Model B flyer that the Wright Brothers first manufactured in 1911. This version of the Model B flyer, N3786B “Brown Bird,” has flown or and been displayed across the United States and abroad. It is a one-of-a-kind aircraft designed and built by volunteers to have a standoff resemblance to a Wright aircraft but meet modern airworthiness standards.



The “Brown Bird” is now over thirty years old and the volunteers of the Wright “B” Flyer Inc. are in the process of raising money to help with the cost of construction for a replacement aircraft. The group has established a gofundme page where they can accept donations and a generous benefactor has pledged a matching donation of $50,000 if the fundraising goal is met. They plan to complete construction of the new aircraft in the original Wright Airplane Company hangar where the Wright Brothers originally produced their very first Model B.


While celebrating the outstanding performance of the Envoy and American Customer Services teams at the Dayton International Airport (DAY), we were able to grab a photo with the Wright B Flyer look-alike aircraft.


To learn more about the “Brown Bird”, check out this informational video on the Wright “B” Flyer YouTube channel!


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