Indianapolis team receives TSA award

Working effectively with the Transportation Security Administration is an important part of running a safe and compliant operation. Last week, the TSA presented the Envoy team in Indianapolis (IND) with an award to recognize the station’s collaboration and teamwork.

“We’ve been working closely with the TSA to improve security searches and to refine our station’s procedures,” said IND General Manager, Beth Wilson. “I’m proud of my team for achieving this award.”

“This is the culture we’re working to build at Envoy,” added Envoy Security Director, Stephen Dempsey. “Working in close partnership with the TSA is one of the best ways to mitigate fines and penalties, and to ensure that we’re running a safe, compliant operation. I’m proud of the IND team, and hope that many of our other stations follow their lead.”

Great job, IND!

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