A Real American Hero at DFW

“Can anyone help?!” someone screamed across the terminal. Without flinching, Envoy Lead Agent Presad Rennie ran over and saw a customer holding a choking toddler. Taking the child from his mother’s arms, Presad flipped the toddler over, applied three sharp blows between the shoulder blades and was able to successfully dislodge the obstruction – a chocolate-covered pretzel.

IMG_CS_DFW_Presad_American_Hero-1-1024x576“I see a halo now every time I look at you!” the customer told Presad during the incident. She couldn’t stop thanking her for saving her son’s life and giving the young boy another day to play with his older sister.

Thanks to her lifesaving actions, the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) team nominated Presad for a Real American Hero Award. On Thursday, March 16, the DFW team got together and presented Presad with her award, which comes with a $1,000 prize and a very special hero cape.

“We’re so proud of Presad for her courage,” said Devon Morgan, Envoy Managing Director of Customer Services DFW. “She is an inspiration to us all and fully deserves this award.”

Here’s to the first Envoy recipient of the Real American Hero award – Presad Rennie. Thank you for making a huge difference and saving the life of one of our customers!


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