Chicago aces Maintenance audit

The Safety Security and Environmental team performs surprise audits on various stations and facilities to ensure that we’re being as safe and compliant as we can be. Any findings are presented as opportunities to improve and better how we do things at that location and for that workgroup.

With that in mind, the Envoy Maintenance team in Chicago (ORD) recently aced a Safety and Compliance audit of their base and line maintenance operations. “Three auditors spent three days looking in every corner of our Chicago Maintenance facilities for the day and night shifts,” said Mike Scimio, Managing Director, Maintenance. “After observing work, going through paperwork, making surprise visits and more they left with just two minor findings – great job!”

“This is a fantastic achievement,” added Jay Murray, Vice President, Maintenance. “I’d like to thank the entire Chicago maintenance team for doing an outstanding job. Keep it up!”

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