Bozeman and Birmingham, here we come!

American recently awarded Envoy two new ground handling contracts – Birmingham, Alabama (BHM) and Bozeman, Montana (BZN).Yesterday, the newly-formed Envoy team began providing below-the-wing services in BHM in addition to the above-the-wing work we continue to provide, and we’re scheduled to transition BZN from American’s third-party handler on Dec. 14.

“American continues to trust Envoy with more and more ground handling contracts at stations across the regional network,” said John Jaynes, Envoy Senior Vice President. “We’re winning this additional business by providing American with reliable, high-performing, safe and cost-effective operations. That’s not just great for Envoy; it’s great for the thousands of customers who travel through Envoy-operated stations.”

“In BHM, American was pleased to see three simultaneous Right Start departures being pushed back at the same time,” added Chuck Davis, Envoy Regional Managing Director. “Thank you to the Customer Services planning team, as well as station start-up teams and local leadership who made this transition a success. And to all the new team members – welcome to Envoy!”

Join the team

We have an immediate need for station agents, lead agents and more to help ensure a smooth transition for BZN in December. Find out more and apply over on our job board.


Above: The Envoy team in BHM celebrates their first day of below-the-wing operations.

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