Flight Service, Customer Services teams volunteer at ‘JA for a day’ event


Last week, Envoy was proud to once again participate in the annual “JA in a Day” event at Barton Elementary School in Irving, in support of Junior Achievement. Each year, volunteers from across AAG spend the day teaching the basic concepts of business and economics to students from kindergarten through fifth grade, emphasizing how education is relevant to the workplace. The activities build on studies from each preceding grade and prepare students for secondary school and lifelong learning.

“We’ve participated in ‘JA for a day’ for the past seven years, and we look forward to it every year,” said Linda Kunz, Vice President Flight Service. “It is so much fun to spend a day with these kids – they’re so eager to learn, and everyone gets a lot out of it.”

Thank you to CJ JohnsonHeather WilkersonAlan BurgessCrystal StoneAundrea ReynoldsStephanie Ambs and Linda Kunz for making the children’s day extra special.

Above: Flight Attendant CJ Johnson with Vice President, Flight Service Linda Kunz and the kids of Barton Elementary School.

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