Envoy Offers up to $45,000 Signing Bonus for Experienced Pilots

Seeking Aviators with Previous Part 121 Experience to Fuel Growth

With a growing fleet and expanding network, Envoy is hiring pilots at a rapid pace, with more than 900 new pilots expected to be added in 2018. They’ll join the more than 2,000 current Envoy pilots who can look forward to a seamless flow-through to American Airlines in just about six years, thanks to an industry-leading agreement with the mainline.

“There’s a tremendous amount of career progression happening at Envoy today,” said Captain Ric Wilson, Vice President Flight Operations. “We’re hiring new pilots at record levels and upgrading them to Captain in about two years or less. We’ve also seen roughly 1,400 Envoy pilots make the leap to American since the flow-through agreement was introduced. All that movement means incredible opportunity for qualified pilots – especially those with prior Part 121 commercial experience.”

Enter Envoy’s Part 121 Aviator program – a unique bonus offer of up to $45,000 at date of hire, for new pilots who join the team with a solid record of Part 121 commercial airline experience.

“We’re able to offer up to $45,000 as a signing bonus to those pilots who already have a solid record and Part 121 commercial experience, because they can immediately add value to the company,” said Wilson. “The actual amount offered will vary by candidate, but someone with a clean training record, reliable attendance and at least 600 hours of Part 121 experience can earn a check for $45,000 when they walk through the door.”

“I started off at another airline, but my goal has always been to fly for American Airlines,” said Wil Hehman, a newly minted Envoy pilot who took advantage of the HVA program. “You can certainly apply to AA ‘off the street’ and hope to get an interview, but flying for Envoy is the best insurance policy in the industry…a guaranteed spot at American, with no additional interview required. And that’s on top of Envoy’s sign-on bonus, generous benefits and leading travel privileges. For me, it was a no-brainer.”

If you’ve got previous Part 121 commercial airline experience, apply today! Or contact Envoy Pilot Recruitment at envoypilotrecruitment@aa.com or 972-374-5607 for more information.

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