Inspiring future aviators


Aviation isn’t just a career – for many, it’s also a passion. It’s an industry that takes a diverse range of background and skills to keep everything moving safely for our crewmembers and customers. So whether it’s a “JA for a Day” or a career day, inspiring the next generation of people to get involved in aviation is a great thing to do.

In Madison, Wisconsin, Station Agent Jaren Christianson recently spent the day getting local schoolkids excited about starting a career in aviation. “Jaron is a huge hit, and the kids are super excited when Jaron is the parent to talk about his career,” said MSN General Manager, Amy Stahler. “Maybe one of the kids in the class will grow up wanting to be a Flight Attendant, pilot, crew chief, reservations expert, mechanic or more.”

“Envoy and the crew at MSN have been amazing to my family and me,” added Jaren. “I’m glad to have had the opportunity to share my experiences!”

Nicely done, Jaren!


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