Santa Barbara wins first American Airlines Customer Cup

There’s nothing quite like coastal California, with its majestic mountains, sea breezes and vibrant flora. At Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA), all of these fantastic qualities are on full display.

Surrounded by palm trees and Spanish mission architecture, the Envoy Customer Services team is as lively and eclectic as its environment. Recently, the SBA team won its first American Airlines Customer Cup for outstanding customer service during the last quarter of 2017.

“We’ve excelled in customer satisfaction because we have some gifted agents who make our customers’ travel special,” said Lead Agent Joanna Natale. “Each of us can do just about everything, and with all the moving parts, we’re incredibly cohesive.”


Joanna has worked at SBA for 13 years and has seen a few general managers come through the station. However, the latest addition of General Manager Robbert Van Duin has been an integral part of the team’s recent success.

“I want to thank the strong core of agents we have who really deserve this Customer Cup win,” said Robbert. “I also want to thank our other airport colleagues who all pitch in to make SBA successful. Every little bit means one more satisfied customer, one more on-time departure.”

Service with a song



Speaking of satisfied customers, SBA is lucky to have a superstar agent, in many senses of the word. Agent Peter Kravchuk, a native Latvian and multi-linguist, is a burst of positivity, joy and talent.

When he’s not cracking jokes with customers or garnering a stack of customer kudos, he can often times be heard singing beautiful opera in the terminals.

“Life is a stage, so do something,” said Peter. “I know that travelling can be stressful, so why not bring a little cheer to our passengers? It’s something all of us try to do.”

On to new adventures


During the Customer Cup celebration, as employees were enjoying local barbecue, in walked another agent. Everyone stopped in their tracks and exclaimed “Doug!” greeting one of their favorite coworkers like an episode of Cheers.

“We’re a small family here,” said Agent Stuart Goldman. “The best part of our day is hanging out with each other while doing some great work out on the ramp.”

This is one amazing statement coming from a former dean, president and CEO of the Brooks Institute Media Arts department. But he’s not the only person on an amazing second journey.

Agent Thomas Branson is a recent transfer from the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, but prior to loading bags on the ramp he was selling stocks on Wall Street.

“I’ve never been happier at my job,” said Thomas. “I was always tied to my office. Now I can travel the world, get great exercise and make some great friends in beautiful Santa Barbara.”

SBA may be a small airport, and Envoy handles but one gate and five flights a day, but it’s got a big heart. Congratulations to the fantastic “little Envoy family” in Santa Barbara!

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