LeTourneau University Visits Envoy

On Tuesday, March 20, aviation students from LeTourneau University visited Envoy Headquarters for a special behind-the-scenes tour of our operation, guided by Envoy Captain John Colquitt.

During their visit, students toured the training department, including our graphic flight simulator and the cabin trainers. Additionally, students visited Envoy’s Systems Operations Control (SOC) and got a behind-the-scenes look at crew scheduling and dispatch.

LETU Visit


During their time at Envoy, students had the chance to meet and speak with Director of Flight Line Operations, Captain Robert Neider, Director of Envoy’s System Operations Control Robert Nault, Ed Delehant, Manager of Flight Safety and Check Airman Justin Ingersoll.

Thanks to all the students who signed up to join us – We hope you’ll come back for another visit in the future!

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