Guest Blog: ‘From Strangers to Family’ Poem

IMG-DFW-FS-Graduation-1804-march-26-11For over a month, flight attendant trainees spend almost every waking hour together studying, training, laughing and learning. At our most recent Flight Attendant graduation, newly-minted Flight Attendant Amanda Priddy shared a poem she wrote for her classmates that embodies the bond that is created between them.

From Strangers to Family, by Amanda Priddy

When we looked around the room on our very first day,

We wondered who our classmates were and who would make it all the way.

Mayrim asked us all of us to think about our purpose,

She introduced us to the team and said they were there for us.

Since that day, that feels so long ago,

This class of strangers became a family, in a way we couldn’t know.



Our instructors put in long days and late nights,

Bryan would say, “Come on, guys” until we got it right.

We studied so hard and freaked out over tests,

But the stress was all worth it to get those wings on our chest.

We all took a leap of faith and it’s been one wild ride,

It went by so fast and I’m not just talking about going down the slide!

Look out friends and family, we’re not trainees anymore,

Please join me in celebrating the Flight Attendants of class 1804.

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