60-Second Interview: Captain Sam Pool

Cover photo: Captain Sam Pool (center) with Senior VP Air Ops Dee Temples (left) and VP Legal, Labor and Employment Chris Pappaioanou (right)


Envoy Captain Sam Pool flew for Envoy for 11 years and is on his way to American Airlines via the Flow-Through Program. During his time at Envoy, Sam went above and beyond his pilot duties as the Air Line Pilot Association (ALPA) Chairman representing Envoy pilots. Here he recounts his career flying for a regional airline, and looks forward to flying heavy jets for American.

What is the best advice you’ve received?

Learn to forgive, and learn to forgive in an instant. I learned that from a dying uncle, who said being able to forgive in an instant was something he wished he had learned earlier in life, and it has served me well in business and personal matters.

When things around you are going wrong, whether manipulative people are stirring the pot or mechanical failures are causing consternation, I’ve found it empowering to move beyond the immediate moment, forgive as necessary (without forgetting), immediately take a holistic, long-term view of whatever challenge or disappointment has presented itself and begin to sculpt the resolution to my liking.

What keeps you motivated in a fast-paced industry like aviation?

Flying for a scheduled airline combines so many elements of challenge, and for me it’s an enjoyable personal challenge to keep the pieces moving to produce the desired outcome: a safe and on-time product. As an airline pilot I get to play the role of meteorologist, navigator, businessman, mechanic, team leader, security specialist, travel agent… all in addition to actually flying the aircraft (which is ridiculously fun in and of itself).  A professional aviator should never be bored as there’s always something more to learn, always something to improve or make perfect.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your Envoy career?

IMG-DFW-FLT-CA-Upgrade-May-1-18Photo right: Sam with Envoy Captain Steven Pallai, incoming Chairman of Envoy ALPA.

I’d be remiss if my answer didn’t start with the friends I’ve gained over my 11 years.  In addition to earning a paycheck, I’ve earned some friendships that will last a lifetime.

I’ve also had the relatively rare opportunity to represent Envoy pilots – and the industry at large – in various roles at Air Line Pilots Association. It has been rewarding to know that my team and I have helped improve the regional airline career over the past few years.

I’m confident that the economic enhancements and Quality of Life enhancements we’ve fought for (and continue to fight for) have helped make this an attractive career and have served to bring newcomers into professional aviation.

What might people not know about you?

That I’m an avid skier and boater.


It’s been a pleasure working with you, Sam – blue skies and tailwinds!

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