Life after retirement, Sim Instructor continues passion for aviation

As a Professional Simulator Instructor (PSI), many retired pilots have joined Envoy to continue earning great pay and pass on their knowledge as seasoned pilots. With a $20K sign-on bonus, flexible schedules and free travel privileges, the PSI position is helping pilots who want to keep up their hard work and dedication to aviation.

One year ago, Captain Jim Carter joined Envoy as a PSI, because he wanted to continue his passion for teaching after he retired as a commercial airline pilot. We caught up with him to see how his work progressed and what kind of knowledge he can share with other pilots interested in a position as a PSI.

Beyond the flight deck



What does a typical day look like for a PSI?

A typical day of sim instruction starts the day before or early the day of, familiarizing the day’s session, checking the lesson plan and all items that must be completed.

You had mentioned that you missed teaching and that’s part of why you became a PSI – has the position fulfilled that passion?

The aspect of teaching and, more importantly, observing the student accomplishing the items successfully and ultimately earning the Embraer 145 type rating is most fulfilling. Passing on my knowledge to students seeking a career in aviation is very gratifying.

How have you managed the responsibilities and demands of the job?

The schedules usually give a good balance of work and desired days off. Keeping abreast of changes and manuals is a must in order to convey the current curriculum.

PSIs are required to comply with Advanced Qualification Program continuing qualification, orals and check rides. Because we are not flying commercial flight, we are still required to keep up with landings in the simulator, which cannot expire.

We also must make line observations from the jump seat in at least four flights in six months. Sometimes travel is required when scheduled to teach in simulators out of town, like Houston or St. Louis.

What has been the most rewarding part of the job so far?

The most rewarding part of the job is having pilots that I have taught successfully complete their Initial Operating Experience, and can begin flying as a First Officer or Captain.

Why take on the job as a PSI?

I think this position is Ideal for pilots who want to continue past their flying years. Schedules are flexible, and supervisors are attentive to your needs. Flight privileges are the same as all other Envoy employees.

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