Envoy celebrates Women’s History Month with Leaders Panel

On March 7, the eve of International Women’s Day, we held an all-women Leaders Panel at Envoy Headquarters in honor of National Women’s History Month. The speakers included Linda Kunz, Vice President Flight Service; Grace LeMay, Program Manager SOC; and Regina Wadsworth, Vice President People Services.

The speakers were introduced by Pedro Fábregas, Envoy President & CEO, who commended the women on their dedication and achievements.

“We only hire the best of the best, so it’s no coincidence that we have so many women in leadership roles throughout Envoy,” said Pedro.



After explaining their backgrounds and unique career paths, the speakers fielded questions from the audience. The questions and topics included advice on managing employees, balancing work and family, and who inspired them throughout their careers.

The response to the event was very positive as many came to get inspiration and guidance for their own careers at Envoy. Many were impressed by the journeys each woman took to get to where they are today; Linda began as a flight attendant over thirty years ago, Grace held a wide range of jobs from waitressing to dental assistant, and Regina began her aviation career as a station agent.

Overall, attendees of the Leaders Panel got more than just desserts and coffee. Hopefully, they walked away inspired by these amazing women leaders of Envoy!

Click here to view all the photos from the Women’s Leaders Panel!

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