Envoy Travel: All you can ‘EET’

It’s an age-old saying that nothing brings people together quite like a delicious meal. At George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston, Tex., Envoy employees have taken the tradition to a new, sky-high level.

Formed by a group of IAH foodies, the Envoy Epicurean Travelers (EET) club takes monthly trips all over the country to experience the culinary gems different cities have to offer. By using their travel privileges, the EET club is able to visit a place like Los Angeles for a lunchtime meal and make it back home in time for dinner with the family.

We’ve reached out to the founding members of EET with a quick Q&A to learn more about their travels, their favorite foodie spots, and how the club has brought them closer together as colleagues. Thank you to IAH Envoy agents Eddy Machette, Aisha Norman and Sydne Hamlin for filling us in on all things EET!

Have your shrimp and ‘EET’ it too!

IAH employees celebrate a dine lunch at San Pedro Fish Market.


How did the Envoy Epicurean Traveler come about? 

Eddy: It started with a simple conversation about food in different cities between me, Aisha and another agent, Brenda. It got us thinking about asking others to join us on some restaurant travels.

How many members do you have? How can people get involved? 

Eddy: We have had between five to ten Envoy employees travel with us at a time. Everyone is welcome and we encourage others to join us. The response has been tremendous!

How often do you get to travel as a group? 

Eddy: We have one main Destination of the Month, but, of course, everyone cannot travel on the same day. So, there are other trips people can take together throughout the month.

What have been some of your favorite EET trips?  

IMG-IAH-EET-march-2019-5Eddy: The latest California trip was a great journey. We ate at the famous San Pedro Fish Market. They are known for their fabulous Shrimp Tray.

Sydne: As a new employee, the California trip was the first one I was able to embark on. Before the trip, I’d never imagined that I’d be able to wake up, hop on the earliest flight to Los Angeles, stuff my face with seafood, and return the same day! Not to mention that I got First Class there and back.

Hands down, what has been the best meal so far? 

Eddy: The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia is an outstanding place to eat. It’s like a flea market for foodies.

My favorite meal was the pastrami and corned beef sandwich at Hershel’s East Side Deli, served on rye bread with plenty of mustard and dill pickles. Yum!

Foods with benefits

IAH employees gather for a group photo in a car.


Does having a group like EET between coworkers bring you closer together as people and as colleagues?

Eddy: “What destination is next?”  That’s the question that’s asked seemingly every day. EET has opened the door for co-workers to join in conversation with others throughout the work area.

Speak a little about how getting a job with Envoy allowed you the extra benefit of free travel. Pretty unique, right? 

Eddy: The amazing perk makes our world smaller and more accessible.

Aisha: Working for Envoy has allowed me to travel and experience different parts of the world. It’s pretty cool, because before working here, I had never flown before and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to do so.

Sydne: I started with Envoy three months ago, and have already flown at least 10 times. I’ve had the opportunity to take my mom on a first class trip to L.A., and couldn’t think of job benefits and privileges that could ever compare.

Why is EET so important to you besides the great destinations and food? 

Eddy: EET is a small part of the big picture. EET is embracing diversity. That’s who America is, and that’s who Envoy is, too.

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