Envoy and American open 15 new gates at DFW Airport

Today marks the beginning of a new era in the long history of Envoy. Together with American Airlines and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), we have launched operations at the revamped Terminal E Satellite.

With 15 new gates, Envoy will operate over 100 flights per day to 40 destinations. The addition of the Terminal E Satellite will help bring American’s total daily departures in DFW from 800 to more than 900, just in time for the peak summer travel season.

“This is an important milestone for the Envoy family,” said José Velez Rubio, Envoy Vice President of DFW. “Our entire team is excited to begin operating out of this beautiful space, and our employees will be a key component to our success. The day is finally here; after countless hours, hard work and dedication to opening this new terminal, we are making the dream come true.”

The strength of many


DFW Passenger Services Agents pose with Envoy CEO & President Pedro Fábregas. Agents from left to right: Monieva White, Crystal Roberts, Veronica Rodrigues, and Cynthia Nwajei.

From executives to management to our employees working in the DFW terminals, everyone pitched in to get this ambitious project off the ground. For instance, the Talent Services recruiting team helped expedite the hiring process of the hundreds of new employees to ensure we had the best people working as soon as possible, according to Jaime Pagan, Envoy Manager Airport Services at DFW.

Lead Agents from Terminal B also volunteered their time to set up computers and other components in the Terminal E Satellite, because they take pride in making this a successful opening.

“I’m excited about the challenge required to make this terminal take off,” said Jaime. “It’s fascinating to see so many people pull together using their unique strengths to bond together and get this show running.”

As with a new adventure, there will be challenges, but Envoy is up for it.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but I wanted this challenge of doing something we’ve never done before,” said Lita Humphrey, Envoy Manager Hub Administration. “I’m excited about the huge growth for us and American, and the stability it will bring to our employees.”



New employees, as well as experienced ones, will have some adjustments to make in regards to reporting to their gates on time and the certain nuances of boarding each gate, or working out on the newly reconfigured ramp.

“But we’ve all been here before,” said Lead Agent Juan Calzada Vazquez. “We already know how to operate the flights, it’s just transferring that knowledge into a new space. It’s going to be exciting for a lot of us.”

As Envoy continues to grow – bringing in new Embraer 175s to the fleet, operating in new stations throughout the country, and today’s kick start in DFW Terminal E Satellite – we stay committed to our goal of being the world’s best regional airline. Here’s to making that dream come true!

Cover photo: Ribbon cutting ceremony at Terminal E Satellite. Envoy representatives John Jaynes (Senior VP, Customer Services; far left), Shannon Marks (Managing Director, Ramp Services; second from left), José  Velez Rubio (VP DFW Hub; center with scissors), and Pedro Fábregas (President & CEO, far right) with representatives from American Airlines and DFW Airport.

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