Teamwork makes the difference during a medical emergency


Envoy Flight Attendants are trained to assist with medical issues that may arise in the air and on the ground. So when a customer became unresponsive shortly after takeoff from Springfield (SGF), Flight Attendants Judy Minnich (left) and Marty Ford (right) jumped into action to save the day.

Thanks to both Flight Attendants quickly administering first aid, the customer regained consciousness, but complained of chest pains, shortness of breath and other issues. While Marty found medical professionals on board to continue monitoring the customer, Judy contacted the flight deck to let Capt. Scott Barone know about the developing situation, and provided timely updates to aid in his decision making.

Thanks to a steady flow of information between the cabin and the flight deck, assistance from medically-trained customers and exceptional customer care from both Flight Attendants, the flight continued to Chicago (ORD) where medical professionals met the aircraft and assisted the customer.

“Judy and Marty both worked together and displayed textbook Crew Resource Management skills,” said Capt. Barone, who nominated both Flight Attendants for a Real American Hero award. “The pair displayed exceptional professionalism and skill on this flight. And above all, their actions saved a life.”

Both Flight Attendants received Real American Hero awards earlier this month for their lifesaving actions, which comes with a very special hero cape and a cash prize of $1,000 each. Way to go!

IMG_FS_Martha_Ford_Judith_Minnich_Real_American_Heroes_August_2019 (5)

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