Love is in the Air: First Officers Hamuka and Maeyama

“When you know, you know.” That’s how First Officer Brittany Hamuka described the experience after First Officer Austin Maeyama got down on one knee in Charleston, South Carolina last month and asked her to be his wife.

Austin and Brittany joined Envoy as a First Officers earlier this year. Both are currently flying the Embraer 175 out of our Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) hub and met through the Envoy Cadet Program in 2018. So it’s only right that the couple wanted a unique place to take their engagement photos – at the Envoy DFW Maintenance hangar with an Embraer 175 aircraft!

IMG_FLT_Aaron_Maeyama-Brittany_Hamuka (4)


So what does the happy couple think about starting their careers at Envoy?

“We both understand the job and what this industry means,” says Austin. “When Brittany had her first IOE [Initial Operating Experience] trip, I was able to use my flight benefits to be on the flight and buy the whole crew coffee.” Brittany quickly adds “Yeah – and every time I fly with that Captain, he asks where his coffee is now!”

IMG_FLT_Aaron_Maeyama-Brittany_Hamuka (10)This back-and-forth gives the couple an infectious energy that’s hard to ignore.

Being part of the Envoy Cadet Program at US Aviation Academy, the couple were able to use their flight benefits to travel together and surprise each other, even when schedules didn’t always look like they allowed it. Brittany adds “When Austin was on standby, I’d come to the airport to have lunch with him. And that really is love – coming to the airport on my day off! He even flew out to St. Louis for lunch with my family, and to ask my dad for permission to marry me. I’m so glad I found someone who will vacation to a city out and back in one day. I can’t wait to marry my best friend.”

Happy engagement and all the best for the future, Brittany and Austin!

View more photos of the happy couple.


Photos courtesy of Cedar Woods Photography – Follow Cedar on Facebook and Instagram.


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