Operations resume in Freeport, Marsh Harbour after Hurricane Dorian


Yesterday, Envoy teams in Freeport (FPO) (shown above) and Marsh Harbour (MHH), Bahamas, resumed operations after a 165-day break to repair and recover from last year’s devastating hurricane Dorian. And the teams are excited to get back to it, with celebrations, pre-flight safety huddles, post-flight debriefings, visiting government officials and more.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our teams and their recovery; everyone did a fantastic job with today’s operations,” said Envoy Vice President, International Operations, Jorge Ramirez-Blanco. “Both of our General Managers, Tamara Johnson [FPO] and Bridget Reckley [MHH] have done a great job motivating their teams, working with the Bahamas government and coordinating with American to ensure that everything is a success.”

Way to go, teams FPO and MHH!

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