Guest Blog: Crossing Over (to the other side of the counter)

By Envoy Agent Cyndi Glidewell

What does an Executive Platinum, 3-million-miler do when the project ends? I’d heard stories of how hard it can be to adjust to life off the road.

The phenomenon is real. After getting on a plane every week for as many years as I can remember, I truly went through withdrawal when my project became home-based.

So what does a ten-plus-year Executive Platinum Road Warrior with over 3 million miles do when their project wraps up? Go to work for the home airport of course!

IMG_FSM_CS_guest_blog_cyndi_glidewell (1)
Cyndi’s Executive Platinum baggage tag.

For many years, I left Fort Smith Regional Airport (FSM) on a Sunday and came home on a Thursday or Friday. The Envoy employees at FSM seemed like family.

Other than my own family, often times they were the most familiar faces I saw in a week. As my project was wrapping up, I mentioned to Customer Service Agent Denise Rogers that I was going to miss everyone when my time on the road became less frequent.

Denise — jokingly, I’m sure — said, “Well, you can always come to work with us!” We both laughed and I boarded the plane for an on-time departure.

Cyndi and an FSM Agent exchanging a boarding pass.

Time passed and I began to look for part-time work that would allow me to spend some extra time with my father. As I thought about my options, I kept coming back to what I’d seen at Envoy.

Customer service and satisfaction were always paramount – as a consultant with a customer service and quality assurance focus, my standards for customer service are very high. The agents I dealt with were kind, sincere, and exceptional problem solvers!

I’d seen them in the best of circumstances and the worst. It felt familiar. It felt like the kind of place I’d like to know more about.

My husband knew one of the agents, Micheal Scherrey, and asked him to let us know when an opening came available. When the time came to apply, General Manager Eric Montgomery recognized my name and granted me an interview!

IMG_FSM_CS_guest_blog_cyndi_glidewell (3)
Cyndi on the FSM ramp posing with aircraft marshaling wands.

Since I started at Envoy, I’ve not been disappointed. Learning the other side of the counter and the ramp has been an incredible experience.

The customer service and safety that I used to experience from the other side of the counter transcends to the back and out on the ramp. While I miss my time in the air and the call of the skies still rings in my ears, I can’t think of another place I would rather be while on the ground.

Thanks, FSM, for your years of exceptional customer service and for being a great place to work.


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