Silver Linings: MIA Lead Agent sends some care

James McKnight works in busy Miami International Airport (MIA) as an Envoy Customer Services Lead Agent, and every day he sees thousands and thousands of people. In such a fast-moving environment, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of so many people coming and going.

However, James, who has worked for Envoy for the past 23 years, can slow down and appreciate the inner workings of an airport operation. That includes making “airport friends” with people who work in various positions, like security and concierge, throughout the airport, not just within Envoy.

One of James’ favorite people was a 64-year-old airport concierge who had worked at MIA for 21 years. Once the current pandemic crisis happened, James said that the concierge immediately came to mind as they were living at home and not working anymore.

He asked the concierge’s friends if they knew how to get a hold of them, because James wanted to send them a care package. He was able to send them a box of supplies like fruit, vegetables, canned goods, and a rare commodity, toilet paper; something to help them out in these uncertain times.

“I recently lost my son, and I’ve been feeling sad,” James said. “I know the best way to feel better is to do good for someone else.”

“My 99-year-old mother raised my sisters and I to care about people. At the end of the day, it’s not about who has the most cars, money or homes. It’s about who sincerely tried to make the world better, no matter how small the act is.”

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