Silver Linings: HOU Agent delivers food to children

Cover photo: Houston Hobby Airport Lead Agent John Laboy with a trunk full of meals to deliver to children in need.

As a result of school closures, restaurants closing their dining rooms and grocery stores operating with limited inventory, there has been a sudden decline of available meals for low-income households. Thankfully non-profit organizations and volunteers are stepping up to increase their workloads in getting meals to the people that need them most.

In Houston, Envoy Lead Agent John Laboy has joined up with the Kids’ Meal organization to help deliver pre-packaged meals to children in the Houston area. Read below as John describes the process and the joy of giving back to the community.

Love your neighbor

John Laboy Sr. and his son, John, picking up food to deliver to children in need.

How did you get involved in putting together lunches and delivering them to the community?

We signed up to volunteer for Kids’ Meal organization. According to Kids’ Meals, 1 in 4 Houston children live with food insecurity.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have grown 133 percent in the last two weeks and need help to provide 7,000 free meals daily. Our family signed up to be a driver — in this volunteer opportunity you pick up the packed lunches and Kids’ Meal will provide you with a list of addresses and the number of children you will serve that day.

What items were in each meal you delivered and about how many have you delivered?

The brown lunch bags are decorated and each bag includes a drink, a snack, and protein. During the two days, April 1 and April 2, my family delivered 290 meals. We are planning to continue to volunteer throughout April and May.

Why do you think it’s important to take care of the community during this crisis?

I believe that giving back to our community allows us to be purposeful and live by the saying “love thy neighbor.”

What did your son think about it?

My 12-year-old son John enjoys volunteering and was vital as our GPS coordinator, we did not get lost.

What was the response from the people receiving food you delivered?

Kids’ Meals allows you to share a smile or a greeting face-to-face with the families at a safe distance. The families are always so appreciative, and the smile you get from the children is heartwarming.

Know any more “silver linings”? Send us an email at We’d love to share your stories of perseverance and hope during this COVID-19 crisis.

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