Tea and planes, gateways to the world

As a child, Jerin Charles says she dreamed of seeing the world. As a part-time Lead Agent at Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) — in the island nation of Grenada — the native Grenadian has achieved that dream, and brewed up a business in the process.

For the past three and a half years, 23-year-old Jerin has worked at Envoy in Customer Services where she says her utmost responsibility is keeping her coworkers and customers safe. Through her exposure to travel & international shopping by way of Envoy’s free travel privileges, she says she was inspired to create a tea business based in Grenada.

Read the Q&A below to learn more about Jerin’s passion for travel and how she’s been able to flourish in her business as an Envoy Lead Agent.

Why did you want to join the aviation industry as an airport agent?

Growing up, I always wanted to see the world; the many people, places and cultures that exist outside of my island. I would watch the planes in the sky from my window and wonder what it’s like up there.

Thus, when the opportunity to join Envoy came up, I was ecstatic and thrilled for the many experiences I will have. Whether it’s getting to see the many different people deplane and hear their languages, or the chance to fly on an airplane and see the view from the air. 

What  is your favorite part about being an agent at GND?

I  love that I get to meet diverse people, and I get to assist them to ensure they have a smooth and enjoyable traveling experience.

Tell us about your tea business, Rich Aroma.

We’ve been around for about two years. We produce three different types of teas: soursop leaf, turmeric and lemongrass.

Lead Agent Jerin Charles in uniform with her Rich Aroma teas at Maurice Bishop International Airport. (Photo Courtesy of Jerin Charles)

It all started with my exposure to travel and international shopping experiences I had that helped form the business. I noticed that some teas that were readily available in my backyard were being sold internationally, and were actually in demand.

I thought that it was a great opportunity to manufacture, package and sell different herbal teas. I figured that Grenada has a lot of raw materials (herbal plants), tea is non-perishable and it doesn’t weigh much, so it can be easily shipped.

How does having a part-time job at Envoy benefit your pursuit of entrepreneurship?

Having a part-time job at Envoy affords me the opportunity to learn about the cargo business, which plays an important role in my business goals. I also get the chance to have time to focus on my business since the schedule is flexible.

Being a part of the Envoy team has numerous opportunities for career growth, and a sense of security that comes with the employee benefits. Additionally, having the advantage of travel privileges opens my eyes to the wider world.

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