Mother’s Day in CVG with the Holts

Cover photo: Mia Holt (left), her son Morgan (middle), and her mother Erica (right). (Photo courtesy of Mia Holt)

“I’m going to fly around the world; me and my baby!” Mia Holt shouted as she zoomed around her grandmother’s house with her son in her arms anticipating the chance to work for Envoy.

Erica Holt, Mia’s mother, thought to herself, I’d like to see the world, too. At the time, she was on her way out of the nail salon business, and looking for a new opportunity.

So, Erica and Mia attended a walk-in hiring event at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport together. They were both offered positions as Airport Agents, with Mia on the ramp and Erica inside the terminal.

“We’re going to Dubai!” Erica yelled when she heard the exciting news.

It’s been two years since that day, and both Erica and Mia have been enjoying their time working for Envoy. They say each day presents them new challenges and opportunities they can experience together.

When asked about their favorite part about working together, they gave identical answers — each other’s teamwork and smile.

“I enjoy working with my mother because we are able to catch up since we don’t live together,” said Mia. “At work, we’re able to keep each other focused. She can keep my spirits up with just a smile — she is my rock.”

“I love working with my daughter,” said Erica. “She helps me learn about how things work on the ramp and in operations, and I help her get an understanding of how the gate and ticket counter are ran. I love being able to see her because she has such an infectious smile. It lifts me up if I’m feeling down.”

Move over, Loctite. The Holt bond is much stronger.

Erica and Mia Holt. (Photo courtesy of Mia Holt)

As mothers, both Erica and Mia are proud of their children and love taking on the many roles only Moms can do. According to Erica, some of the many hats mothers wear are: “a nurturer, a friend, a confidant, a dance partner, a short-order cook, a babysitter, a healer, a spiritual leader, a breath of fresh air, a party planner and yes, even Santa Claus.”

Mia said that her favorite part about being a mother is watching her son grow into a unique personality all his own. 

“I love passing on our family traditions, even my little mannerisms, to my son,” said Mia. “It’s all unique to him and no one else has them.”

This Mother’s Day, both Erica and Mia look forward to a little bit of pampering with massages and me-time. But most importantly, they look forward to spending time with their loved ones.

“The ideal Mother’s Day is spent eating good food, laughing, and playing games with my family,” said Erica. “I was born to be a mommy!”

From a mother and daughter looking for new opportunities in their lives, to a pair of hardworking colleagues going on adventures of their dreams, Erica and Mia are taking their strong bond and sharing it with the Envoy family.

Thank you, Erica and Mia! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, hardworking moms out there!

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