60-Second Interview: Max Etheridge Walla

To be our true selves; that’s all any of us want. At work or at home, with friends or with family, we want to be seen for who we really are.

At Envoy, we believe that no matter your background, your native language, or who you choose to love, we all can be superstars and contribute to the success of the airline. This June, in celebration of Pride Month, we’re spotlighting our employees to learn more about what makes them unique and why they feel equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community is important.

Let’s hear from Max Etheridge Walla who is a Customer Services Airport Agent at Blue Grass Airport (LEX) in Lexington, Ky.

What is your Envoy Story? 

I came to Envoy a year ago as an Airport Agent on the ramp at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG) and Blue Grass Aiport (LEX). My daily responsibilities for Envoy include prepping the aircraft for pushback, stocking the baggage and completion of safety checks.

What’s the significance of Pride Month to you?

Pride Month is about celebrating family and community. It’s about inclusiveness and respect for everyone.

Why is celebrating diversity inside and outside of the workplace important to you? 

Celebrating diversity is important because what we share in common is greater than what is different among us. This makes us stronger at work and in our communities.

Who in your life has inspired you, or is your role model?

My mom and dad are my role models and they inspire me the most. It wasn’t easy for them at first, but they accept and support me.

By their example, they taught me that everything is possible through education, hard work and love.

What advice do you have for young people in the LGBTQ+ community who are beginning to plan their careers?

I would say to younger people, you are strongest when you are your true self and many others in your career have followed a similar path. They will understand you, so when you need help or guidance, reach out to them.

Tell us one surprising fact about yourself that others may not know.

Former President Barack Obama and I share the same birthday, we both grew up in Indonesia and we both continue to achieve our dreams despite the challenges.

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