Envoy supports NGPA to promote future of aviation

The NGPA Winter Warm Up conference and Industry Expo is not only a time for aviators and airline professionals to network, it’s also a place where attendees can be their authentic selves. 

The more you listen to people at the conference — members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community — the more you get the understanding that the airline industry is starting to take the same shape. With culture, diversity and inclusion playing a major role in how Envoy operates, we’re proud to support the NGPA and our own LGBTQ+ community to continue down this path of total acceptance.

Build ’em up and let ’em fly

Miguel María Moore at the Palm Spring Airport.

One way we show our support is by sponsoring the Winter Warm Up and providing a five-thousand-dollar scholarship for aircraft mechanics. This year, we awarded Embry-Riddle graduate student Miguel María Moore for his outstanding commitment to aeronautical engineering.

“It’s pretty great getting the scholarship, because I’m really trying to get my master’s before I get too old!” Miguel said laughing about his so-called “late” start into the field. (Miguel is only in his early thirties — it’s never too late!)

Envoy First Officer Austin Decker (left) and Hunter Hayes (right) at the NGPA Industry Expo.

Another inspiring young aviator is Hunter Hayes, an Envoy Cadet who works as a flight instructor at Western Michigan University, one of our Cadet Program partner schools. Not only was Hunter a a volunteer for the conference, he was also selected for the NGPA President’s Award. 

(Click here to see our interview with Hunter from the 2020.)

“Hunter is an excellent example of the type of relationship we try to have with our Cadets,” said First Officer Austin Decker, one our Pilot Recruitment managers. “We’re in constant contact, support his career goals, and celebrate him for everything he brings to the table to brighten the future of Envoy.”

The Future is Now

The NGPA crowd at the Palm Springs Airport.

The future is what Envoy can bank on. Just by looking at the Palm Springs crowd at the conference over the years, it seems like it’s getting younger and more diverse. 

That means it’s in the industry’s best interest to listen to up-and-coming aviators and airline professionals. Most importantly, it means that supporting their goals and letting them be who they are will create the best work environment possible for everyone.

“If you feel happy, if you’re comfortable being yourself at work, and you kinda just fit-in like everyone else, then that’s when you start seeing a spike in company morale,” said Erika DeLong, NGPA Transgender Member Services Chairwoman. “Progress takes a long time, but there’s signs that we’re getting closer to equity and equality.”

As the NGPA and other organizations who represent the diversity of the airline industry continue to strive for fairness and inclusion, Envoy will be there to support them and our employees. After all, with a company history as rich and diverse as ours, we’ve learned — and are still learning — how to operate as authentic as can be.

This coming March, we’re looking forward to attending the Women in Aviation (WAI) Conference to show our support for female airline professionals around the world. If you’re an Envoy employee and will be in attendance at the WAI Conference, we’d love to speak with you about a possible video appearance —contact us at envoy.news@aa.com to learn more!

Click here to view photos from the NGPA Winter Warm Up!

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