The Customer Cup returns to the Little Apple

With just 20 employees, the Envoy team in Manhattan, Kansas (MHK) are a tight knit team. After coming close multiple times over the years, operational performance and customer satisfaction all came together in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the team finally won the station’s second Customer Cup.

“I’m so lucky to have the team that we have here,” says MHK General Manager, Laurel Sullivan. “We ask a lot of our agents, and anyone who struggles or has issues with a topic, we find creative ways to help get them back on track. When someone has an issue, they know they’re not alone and we find ways to help so that when we’re in front of customers, we’re bringing our best.”

From small tokens of appreciation to impromptu teambuilding events (the team built a snowman last week!), this team-first approach has enabled to MHK to succeed. Agents are encouraged to grow their aviation knowledge and skills, and Supervisors are empowered to be a key part of that process.

“I joined Envoy in July of 2021 and this is the most inclusive team I’ve ever worked for,” says Customer Services Agent, Cassidy Stecher. “The supervisors especially are great and took me under their wing!”

“We’re also very lucky to have very little attrition, so we can focus on improving everyone’s skills rather than starting fresh,” adds MHK Supervisor, Brennan Walter. “And we all get along, for the most part!”

“When your GM was out for a couple of weeks, you all stepped up to help out and it was like she was never gone!” said Envoy Regional Managing Director, AnnMarie De La Paz during the station’s Cup celebration. “I don’t have to worry about MHK because I know you not only do the right thing, but do everything that needs to be done. It blows my mind that you haven’t won the Cup more often!”

And win they did, outperforming 44 other stations for the fourth quarter of 2021 (4Q21) with above-target increases for their MBR, D0 and T0 metrics. After posing for a photo, surprising their GM, Laurel, with confetti and enjoying lunch together, the team went back to doing what they do best – working as a team to help each other – and our customers – be the best they can be every day.

“This quarter was a big win for Envoy, and you’re all part of that success,” said Envoy Vice President, Customer Services, Jude Mayeux. “Y’all have a great team, y’all have a great reputation and you all do an amazing job. You should be proud of this accomplishment and we hope to see you all again next quarter.”

Until next time, team MHK! Congrats on your well-deserved win.

Click here to see photos from team MHK’s celebration.

What is the Customer Cup?

The Customer Cup is a quarterly award and celebration organized by American Airlines to recognize stations that demonstrate the strongest performance in Customer Experience.

How do you win?

Each station across the AAG network – both domestic and international – competes against others of the same size and operational likeness. Stations are measured by performance in several metrics, including:

  • Departure Dependability (D0)
  • Turn Dependability (T0)
  • Baggage Performance (MBR)
  • Customer Feedback & Airport Experience

What do stations win?

Every quarter, winning stations receive the Customer Cup to recognize the efforts of employees at that station. Winning stations are also entered into the running for the top prize in the competition – the Champions Cup – which is typically awarded annually in the Spring. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was put on hold between 1Q20 and 2Q21.

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