VIDEO: “Aviation Reunited” at Envoy-sponsored Purdue Aviation Day

After a two-year hiatus, Purdue Aviation Day returned on April 9, giving aviation students and enthusiasts an opportunity to see aircraft up close and ask questions directly to flight crews on site. As the presenting sponsor of Purdue Aviation Day the Envoy recruiting team flew an E145 to West Lafayette, Indiana to take center stage at the event.

Our team arrived in advance of Aviation Day to allow extra time with the students in the Purdue Cadet Program to treat them to a special dinner. On the morning of the event, albeit cold and windy, a line to enter quickly formed at the gates of the Purdue University Airport. In addition to Envoy’s E145 aircraft, there were a wide variety of displays from general aviation, military, historical, airlines, and more.

To kick off the event, members from Purdue, as well as Envoy, made opening remarks. “Events such as these allow us to connect with the next generation of pilots, mechanics and the broader regional communities that we serve,” said Envoy Vice President of Air Operations Captain Ric Wilson. “It also allows for those students pursuing a pilot career to experience the flight deck first hand, get their questions answered and learn more about the opportunities available to them, such as the Envoy Cadet Program.”

The Envoy Cadet Program is one of the unique programs in the industry that sets students on a direct career path to American Airlines. And now, new cadets earn up to $15,000 in bonuses when they join the program. This new bonus, combined with Envoy’s existing First Officer bonus structure, creates an overall incentive package of up to $30,000 for joining Envoy as a cadet.

Thanks to all who came out for Purdue Aviation Day! Watch a recap of the event below:

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