Team Laredo celebrates their second Customer Cup win

After winning an American Airlines Customer Cup for outstanding operational performance and customer satisfaction back in 1Q19, the Envoy team in Laredo, Texas (LRD) once again started out the year strong with another first-quarter win, this time for great performance in 1Q22.

If there’s one thing that team LRD does well, it’s looking out for each other. As LRD Customer Service Agent Terrie Vargas explains:

“Baggage is my baby – I’m the bag champ! When we’re inside working the flight, we’re also looking at how our bags are doing to make sure they’re all on board. If something gets mis-scanned, we’re all on it quick!”

Over on the ramp, the same awareness for others – even those outside of LRD – carries over. As LRD Supervisor Ricky Martinez adds:

“We’re always focused on our turn time and teach our new hires how quick turns can help that aircraft and crew make up time if they come in late. We aim for 20 minute turns for every E145; five minutes faster than other stations!”

This commitment not only to excel, but to help others is what gave team LRD the edge over some of the other stations.

“This is a Laredo trophy, not an Envoy trophy,” said Regional Managing Director, Raquel Alaniz during the team’s Cup celebration. “We have a great relationship with the Airport, our TSA colleagues and our customers here, and that’s shown by your victory here today.”

Being a border town, flight loads are high and many customers include asylum seekers traveling on behalf of the government. This adds complexity, with many travelers not bringing luggage, and others having limited knowledge of airport operations.

“When we have asylum seekers and refugees on board, we work with the team at DFW to make sure we have enough ballast to avoid weight and balance issues, and the whole team does what they can to help with the travel experience” adds Ricky. “Every customer is treated with respect, and we do what we can to welcome them to the United States.”

Excelling at the basics, and focusing on teamwork for each other, for downline stations, for colleagues and for our customers – regardless of where they come from or where they’re going – is what makes team LRD special and made them deserving of the Cup.

“Thank you all for bringing so much to the team,” adds LRD General Manager Martin Alarcon. “From picking up hours to always being there for each other, you make me proud every day.”

Congratulations on your continued success, team LRD!

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