VIDEO: BZN agents embrace job coach to assist fellow “aviation nerd”

Ever since a young age, Airport Agent Clayton Canty has been drawn to the aviation industry, both as a passion and a career. It wasn’t until he began working as a cross-functional agent at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN), when he realized how big his “fascination with flight” actually was.

“There was a time when he would get distracted (by the aircraft),” said Mike Salazar, Envoy BZN General Manager. “Now, he makes sure he does everything first, then he’ll go look at the planes.”


Clayton, who has a disability, brought in a job coach to help keep him on task and collaborate with his coworkers to ensure the safety of themselves and passengers. Clayton’s job coach, Katherine Holmes, said that the Envoy team has been exceptional in working with her and Clayton.

“When it comes to working with Clayton, everyone steps in to help,” Katherine said. “It’s just so neat to see everybody be so accepting.”

Watch and learn more about Clayton, and how the love of aviation bonds him to the rest of the Envoy BZN “family” in the video below.

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