Envoy Connects with Jobseekers–Highlighting Opportunities in Aviation


Earlier this year, we introduced our FLYday video series, highlighting the diverse career opportunities at Envoy. The goal was to put jobseekers in the shoes of our employees in different roles and work groups across the company to create a dynamic and powerful way to give a firsthand look at the jobs available.

Each video in the series follows a group of new hires from different work groups to provide an inside look at everything from the application process to interviews, training and more. We kicked off the series by following a class of new hire Flight Attendants who shared their first-hand experiences and advice to others looking to earn their wings before shifting our focus to the flight deck.

2022 and beyond!

Envoy’s FLYday campaign has helped raise awareness for aviation careers in a creative and engaging way to show jobseekers the breadth of career opportunities that are available in the industry. The series has facilitated the onboarding of more than 12,000 new hires across 114 locations around the world and we look forward to continuing the series with different work groups in 2023!

Tune in to our social channels to learn more about a career with Envoy or visit envoyair.com/careers to apply today!

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