New beginnings featuring Lead Customer Service Agent Peter Zuzga

The New Year signifies a new beginning and an opportunity to make a fresh start – What better time to make a career change? We recently interviewed Lead Customer Service Agent Peter Zuzga who joined team Envoy and did just that.

Peter shares his journey from photojournalist to Lead Customer Service Agent and his best career advice for others looking to do the same.

New year, new career

Before getting his start with Envoy at the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE), Peter was a newspaper photojournalist for 27 years. Laid off in 2017 at age 50, Peter freelanced with mixed results and found himself needing a job he was both qualified for and passionate about. As luck would have it, in December of 2021 Peter saw an ad for Envoy Ramp Agents at MKE on social media and was intrigued. After some research on Envoy, including our great flight benefits, he took the next step and applied. It wasn’t long after he applied that he was invited to interview and offered a full-time job.

When Peter began his new career in January 2022, the physicality of the job was a shock. “The first few months on the ramp were the hardest physical activity I’d ever engaged in!” admits Peter. “I could feel myself getting in shape and becoming stronger with each shift, and I learned a lot along the way.”

Movin’ on up

Four months into his new career, Peter was offered the Remain Over Night (RON) Shift Lead position. “The part I like about being a RON Shift Lead is the dynamic diversity of the work we do, and training/mentoring my crew,” Peter shares. “As we work to improve our cabin procedures, I sometimes hide small gifts to incentivize my crew to thoroughly complete their aircraft security searches.”

Peter’s method of training proved to be successful as he led his team in a passing TSA audit. “Peter has been instrumental in helping the 3rd shift team efforts,” shared MKE General Manager Justin Howell. “He’s got a lot of passion for the job and passing the recent TSA inspection was a really proud moment for him.”

Forge a new path

Peter’s advice for others looking to make a change? Take that first step and apply.

“Once you get your foot in the door, take advantage of every learning opportunity to ask questions. Most importantly, don’t give up – If you keep moving forward, the sky’s the limit.”

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