VIDEO: Born to Soar – The 34th Annual Women in Aviation International Conference

Last month, Women in Aviation International (WAI) held its largest convention in Long Beach, California. As part of our dedication to diversifying the industry, Envoy proudly participated as a top-tier Presenting Level Conference Sponsor and awarded two students with scholarships — one to an aircraft mechanic (Kaylee Spencer from Lansing Community College) and one to a pilot (Roxana Linares from Kansas State University), pictured below.

“The dream for aviation knows no boundaries, and equipping women to be ready to step into roles in our industry is necessary, even today,” said Envoy Air Operations Recruitment Director, Elise Shirey. “By partnering with organizations such as WAI, Envoy is dedicated to opening doors and further increasing female representation within the aviation sector”.


Throughout the event, palpable enthusiasm and fellowship filled the air as more than 4,500 diverse attendees from around the world gathered to build a community, reconnect, and commemorate their achievements. During the three-day event, the Envoy Air Operations Recruitment team connected with hundreds of potential candidates and meeting industry professionals. We even celebrated six Envoy Pilots who received conditional job offers from American Airlines. Congratulations to Gustavia Cartwright, Pietro Marsala, Brystal Mejia, Eric Mejia, Jessica Velasquez and Patricia Serrano!

Here at Envoy, we have thousands of women working in jobs from the flight deck, to handling bags, dispatching flights, and managing our offices. Today and every day, we celebrate the many capable and successful women of the industry and Envoy who are vital to the success of our airline.

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The header photo is of the Air Operations Recruitment team. To contact them, call (972)374-5607 or e-mail
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