The 34th Annual Women in Aviation International Conference Recap – Part Three

Last month, Envoy team members attended the Women in Aviation International (WAI) convention in Long Beach, California, where Envoy proudly participated as a top-tier Presenting Level Conference Sponsor. The WAI Conference brought in thousands of attendees from different backgrounds, all at different stages of their careers.

During the conference, our team had the opportunity to speak to some of the extraordinary participants, including Roxana Linares, Envoy’s WAI Conference Aviation Scholarship Winner.


Born in El Salvador, Roxana was just seven years old when she and her family moved to the United States. Since then, she continues to recognize the value of hard work and determination. She is a Junior at Kansas State University (KSU) boldly pursuing her dream to fly internationally for an airline one day.

“My parents fought hard to get here, and my background has shaped who I am today. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and take my education seriously.”

Roxana’s aviation journey started in high school while picking her grandparents up at the airport. “When the door opened, the pilots caught my eye, and I asked myself, ‘What if I’m a pilot?’ But I wasn’t sure how to pursue an unknown field.” However, shortly after, opportunities started to emerge.

When dreams take flight

After learning more about a pilot career the next week in her gifted class, Roxana won a scholarship at a local flight school in Augusta, Kansas, that enabled her to begin flight training. With only one other female at her school, she recognized that males primarily dominate the field, but this didn’t stop her.

Research, perseverance, and support from her family led Roxana to study Aeronautical Technology at KSU where she completed her private pilot’s license during her freshman year. She is currently working towards her commercial rating and serves as the Secretary of her Women’s Air Race Classic Club.

“Throughout flight training, I’ve gained more confidence, and it’s my goal to encourage other females at my school to courageously pursue their dreams as well. I’ve been fortunate to meet many supportive people, and I’ve learned having a strong community is critical.”

That’s what WAI is all about – bringing together female industry professionals of all stages to foster community and inspiration.

“To anyone who is interested in aviation, definitely try it out! Go on a discovery flight and see if it’s for you. Once you fall in love with flying, it’s hard to let go.”





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