“Women Pilots of Envoy Connect” Event

On Thursday, April 27, Envoy Flight Operations sponsored its first “Women Pilots of Envoy Connect” event. The goal of the dinner was to connect emerging aviators from within the Envoy family with current Envoy women pilots and managers to foster new friendships and create opportunities for mentorship.

“Most importantly, we wanted to create a space where female pilots could network and learn more about Envoy’s diversity efforts, the organizations we support like Women in Aviation International (WAI), the Envoy Cadet Program, and more,” said Captain Anne Engle, Envoy DFW Chief Pilot. “The event also aimed to open and support transparent, clear lines of communication between female pilots and Envoy management.”

The event included speeches from the WAI North Texas Chapter President, Envoy First Officer Lindsay Davis, and Envoy Vice President of Flight Operations, Captain Ric Wilson.

“We hope to sponsor similar events at all our bases in the near future,” said Ric. “By bringing together female pilots in a supportive and encouraging environment, Envoy and WAI are helping to empower and elevate women in the aviation industry.”

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