Return Flight to UNT

Last month, Envoy Crew Scheduling Supervisor Christian Winningham, Crew Scheduler Luke Walls and SOC Dispatcher Matthew Brandow, were invited to be guest speakers at the University of North Texas (UNT).

The three UNT alums visited the Air Passenger Planning and Control class within the UNT Aviation Logistics Program. This specific class is a required course for students at the College of Business Aviation Logistics, with the goal to broaden students’ knowledge of the industry in business and operational concepts.

During the session, Christian, Luke and Matthew provided insights on their career paths, including their experience at Envoy, what their current responsibilities entail, and recommendations for achieving success in the aviation industry. The students were engaged and had several good questions, including how to stand out as an applicant and how to best prepare for success in the aviation field.

“I think it was helpful for the students to be able to see and hear from young professionals who had achieved success in the industry within just a few years of graduating,” said Christian. “It was a pleasure to reconnect with our former teacher, Professor Kincaid, and to give back to our alma mater in a meaningful way.”

Kudos to Christian, Luke and Matthew for visiting with the UNT aviation students and for helping them to identify the potential career paths available to them. We hope to see them at Envoy in the future!


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