From the Ramp to the Sky: The Power of Perseverance

Every journey begins with a spark of inspiration. For Envoy First Officer Tomas Monterrosa, it was the influence of his two uncles, Robert Monterrosa, a commercial pilot, and the other, Carlos Monterrosa, a Captain at Avianca, that ignited his passion for aviation. Little did he know that the path to becoming a pilot would take an unexpected detour through a career as a Ramp Agent at Envoy.

The pursuit of passion

Tomas enrolled in Envoy partner school, ATP, to pursue his passion of flight in 2017 and, once he earned his Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) qualification, he worked as a flight instructor at another Envoy partner school, the University of North Dakota, to work towards the FAA-mandated 1,500 flight hour minimums  necessary to start his career as a commercial airline pilot.

Sometimes, flights get diverted and that’s what happened to Tomas. As he neared his minimums, the unexpected happened with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many others, Tomas found himself facing uncertainty and began to reconsider his passion for flight.

When life hands you lemons, pivot.


In April 2021, Tomas joined Envoy as a Ramp Agent at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to remain within the realm of aviation. As he went through the training program, his dedication and enthusiasm caught the attention of his supervisor, who recommended that he apply for a Ramp Specialist Position. Heeding their advice, Tomas underwent the interview process and was offered the position on the spot in May 2021.

“This opportunity opened new doors for me and allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the operations that take place below the wing,” shared Tomas.

While working as a Ramp Specialist, Tomas quickly realized that his passion for flight had not diminished. In September of that year, he applied for a position as a Pilot Recruiter, a role that provided him the opportunity to engage with other aspiring pilots. While being part of the recruitment process was fulfilling, it only made him want to be on the other side of the process that much more.

Never give in, never give up

Despite the challenges faced, Tomas’s unwavering love for aviation persisted and, in March 2023, his dream took flight as he joined Envoy as a First Officer.

“Today, as I reflect on my journey, I can’t help but appreciate the valuable experiences and opportunities that have shaped my aviation career,” shared Tomas. “I am grateful for the opportunities that Envoy has provided me and look forward to continuing my growth as a pilot.”

Interested in becoming a pilot for Envoy? Contact our Pilot Recruitment team at or call 972-374-5607.

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