Another Cup Win Calls for Knocking Down Pins

Earlier this month, the Envoy team at Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) took a break from turning out on-time departures to knocking down bowling pins at a local bowling alley in celebration of their win of the American Airlines Customer Cup for the first quarter of 2023.

The Envoy team at RDM is no stranger to the Customer Cup. In fact, in 2018 they won it 3 quarters in a row.

“This isn’t our first win, and it certainly won’t be our last,” said Envoy RDM General Manager Corie Ochs. “It’s been fantastic to watch this team work together so well, and I’m so proud of them for pulling out another cup win.”

Winning the Cup is “no small feat”

To win the Customer Cup, a station must prove themselves in many categories. From holding their performance metrics to a gold standard, to ensuring all the passengers they interact with are satisfied, the team at RDM worked together to take home this award.

“Winning the Customer Cup is no small feat – a lot of factors go into this, so it’s always great to learn when another Envoy station has earned it,” said Envoy Vice President of LAX & West Region, Deesha Desai. “Everyone here in Redmond knows exactly what needs to be done to run this operation well and keep our customers happy, so this award and celebration was well earned.”

Congrats on the strike, RDM – here’s to another turkey!

Click here to view all the photos from the celebration!

What is the Customer Cup?

The Customer Cup is a quarterly award and celebration organized by American Airlines to recognize stations that demonstrate the strongest performance in Customer Experience.

How do you win?

Each station across the AAG network – both domestic and international – competes against others of the same size and operational likeness. Stations are measured by performance in several metrics, including;

  • Departure Dependability (D0)
  • Turn Dependability (T0)
  • Baggage Performance (MBR)
  • Customer Feedback & Airport Experience

What do stations win?

Every quarter, winning stations receive the traveling Customer Cup, complete with placards of all the previous winners, as well as their very own cup to keep and display, to recognize the efforts of employees at that station. Winning stations are also entered into the running for the top prize in the competition – the Champions Cup – which is typically awarded annually in the Spring.

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