LAX Launches Bussing Operation

It’s official! On Dec. 5, Envoy launched its bussing operation at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which runs daily from Terminal 4 and 5 and the “Eagle’s Nest” regional terminal.

The team has handled the transition from a third-party operator with poise and professionalism. Since the bussing operation requires a different process than our typical Airport and Customer Services operations, the LAX team has had to adapt to incorporate employees into the Bus Driver positions.

Whether it was setting up new application and onboarding processes, or implementing new technologies and training programs, the LAX team accomplished a lot to ensure passengers are receiving the top-notch customer service they expect from Envoy.

“Our team has done a phenomenal job executing the operation,” said Deesha Desai, Envoy LAX Hub Vice President. “Our partners at American have commented on how they are not surprised that it went so well, and how it just feels better for them and our passengers. Many of the drivers that transitioned from the previous company also stated how glad they are to be working for Envoy.”

Congratulations to the LAX team for a successful launch, and thank you to those who helped support the process along the way.

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