Back-to-Back for JAC

Last month, the Envoy team at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) took some time before their holiday flight schedule ramped up to celebrate something big – their second win in a row of the American Airlines Customer Cup.

After a quick turn on the scenic ramp, located in Grand Teton National Park, the JAC team headed inside to enjoy some barbecue and hear from members of Envoy and American’s leadership teams.

“We can’t congratulate you enough for your second win of the Customer Cup,” said American Airlines Managing Director of the Western Region John Kashchy. “This airport being where it is certainly can create some challenges, especially when it’s -20 degrees outside, so thank you for coming in every day to make the operation run smoothly for our customers.”

The team at JAC took home this hard-earned award in the second quarter of 2023, but quickly decided that one win this year just wouldn’t cut it, so they pulled out another win for the third quarter of 2023.

“You all are competing against 33 other stations for this award, and when you look at the list, some of these teams have never been able to win it,” said Envoy Vice President of Airport Services Planning Kevin Ward. “You all have done it not only two times, but two times in a row, which is an incredibly difficult feat. That is something each and every one of you should be proud of, because it took all of you to make it happen.”

Fingers crossed for a three-peat, JAC!

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